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Start Up Documents

From the spark of an idea to the whirlwind of growth, every successful startup needs a strong legal foundation. Our comprehensive suite of Start-up Documents empowers you to navigate the early stages with confidence, protect your intellectual property, and build a robust legal framework for sustainable success.

From crafting a watertight Co-founder Agreement and securing funding with a clear Term Sheet to attracting top talent with an ESOP Policy and safeguarding your innovations with an IPR protection, we provide the legal tools you need to focus on what matters the most - building your dream. Don't let legal complexities stall your momentum. Explore our tailored documents and lay the groundwork for a thriving future, one strategic document at a time.

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Co-founders Agreement

Lay the groundwork for a successful startup with a watertight Co-founder Agreement. Define roles, responsibilities, equity ownership, and exit strategies, ensuring transparent collaboration and minimising future conflict. Protect your entrepreneurial vision and build a rock-solid partnership from the very beginning.

Joint Venture Agreement

Combine forces strategically with a Joint Venture Agreement. Define project scope, profit sharing, intellectual property rights, and exit strategies, maximising success and minimising risk for both parties. Unlock mutually beneficial collaborations and leverage synergies for optimal joint ventures.

Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement

Safeguard your innovations and secure financial gains with an Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement. Clearly define ownership rights, transfer terms, and compensation for ideas, inventions, or artistic works. Monetize your creativity and protect valuable intellectual property with this crucial legal document.

Term Sheets

Secure key investment terms before diving into detailed agreements. A concise Term Sheet outlines key funding points, valuation, and investor rights, establishing a clear roadmap for both sides. Simplify negotiations and pave the way for smooth future investment with this essential document.

Share Purchase & Subscription Agreement

Invest strategically and securely with a Share Purchase and Subscription Agreement. Detail share purchase terms, subscription rights, and investment timelines, ensuring transparency and investor protection throughout the process. Gain access to promising ventures and manage investments confidently with this comprehensive document.

ESOP Policy

Attract and retain top talent with an Employee Stock Option Policy (ESOP). Outline vesting schedules, equity allocation principles, and exercise rights, incentivizing employees and fueling company growth. Boost employee engagement and attract high performers with this competitive and rewarding incentive program.

Shareholders Agreement

Maintain harmony and control within your company with a Shareholder Agreement. Establish voting rights, dividend distribution, transfer restrictions, and dispute resolution mechanisms, ensuring fair treatment for all investors. Strengthen shareholder confidence and cultivate a stable environment for growth.

Partnership Agreement

Forge strong and profitable collaborations with a Partnership Agreement. Define roles, responsibilities, profit sharing, and dispute resolution mechanisms, ensuring smooth operation and shared success. Build valuable partnerships and expand your reach with this secure and transparent agreement.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Protect confidential information and foster trust with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Clearly define sensitive information, permitted uses, and disclosure restrictions, safeguarding valuable ideas and business secrets. Collaborate confidently and minimise intellectual property risks with this essential legal tool.

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