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Aristo Legal is committed to delivering specialized legal advice and assistance to individuals confronting diverse challenges. Ms. Reetika Gupta, our Founder, is personally available to help you comprehend your rights and pursue justice in crucial areas of concern.

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POSH Consultation

We can help you understand your rights under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013. We can also help you file a complaint if you have been sexually harassed at work.

Consumer Complaints

We can help you file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Act if you have been wronged by a business.

Employment Dispute

If you're facing issues like wrongful termination, discrimination, or unpaid wages at your workplace, we are here to support and advocate for you.

Gender Discrimination

Understanding your rights is crucial. If you've encountered gender-based discrimination, we can help you take the appropriate legal actions.

Term Sheet Review

We provide clarity on complex term sheet jargons and aid you in negotiating favorable contract terms.

Money Recovery Notice

 If you've faced financial wrongdoing, we can help you issue a formal Legal Notice to address the situation.

Our Free Consultation Services

What Our Customers Say

Piyush, Co-founder and CEO, OnGrid and eLockr

"I was very impressed with the free legal consultation I received from Aristo Legal. The lawyer I spoke with was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions in a clear and concise manner. I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone who is looking for legal advice."

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