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Data Protection Compliances 

In India's booming digital landscape, protecting your data is paramount. Navigating the complexities of the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDP) can be daunting, but our comprehensive suite of data protection legal services empower you to comply confidently. From watertight Data Processing Agreements and secure Data Transfer Agreements to user-friendly Consent Forms and transparent Privacy Notices, we equip you with the tools and expertise to safeguard your data, build trust, and operate seamlessly in the digital age. Whether you're a growing startup or a seasoned enterprise, our legal solutions ensure compliance, minimise risks, and pave the way for worry-free data handling. Explore our tailored data protection legal documents and services and secure your digital future in India today.

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Our Digital Data Protection Legal Services

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

Secure your data partnerships with a bulletproof DPA. Clearly define how third parties handle your information, ensuring compliance, transparency, and control. Minimise legal risks, negotiate fair terms, and build trust with a custom DPA tailored to your unique needs

Consent Forms

Empower your users and build trust through effective Consent Forms. Obtain informed agreement for data processing, meeting legal requirements and exceeding user expectations. Grant transparency and user control with clear, accessible forms that strengthen relationships and protect sensitive information.

Data Transfer Agreement (DTA)

Conquer international data landscapes with confidence. A watertight DTA secures cross-border data transfers, meeting complex regulations, safeguarding sensitive information, and protecting your reputation. 

Privacy Notice

Communicate with candour and build trust with a transparent Privacy Notice. Openly disclose your data practices, informing users and protecting their privacy rights. Meet legal obligations, avoid penalties, and foster deeper engagement with a comprehensive and accessible notice.

Data Retention Policy

Declutter your digital world and boost compliance with a strategic Data Retention Policy. Define data lifespan for different categories, optimise storage, and minimise legal risks. Reduce costs, streamline data management, and demonstrate responsible data practices with a clear and well-defined policy.

Notice of Privacy Breach

Respond swiftly and professionally to data breaches with a pre-established Notice of Privacy Breach plan. Minimise damage, maintain user trust, and mitigate legal risks by swiftly notifying individuals and regulators about the breach and your swift response. Protect your reputation and demonstrate responsible data handling even in challenging situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the Digital Personal Data Protection Act of 2023 (DPDP)?

Answer: The PDPA is India's comprehensive data protection law that regulates the collection, processing, storage, and transfer of personal data. It aims to protect individuals' privacy rights and promote responsible data handling practices.

Question: Who must comply with the DPDP?

Answer: The PDPA applies to all organizations that process personal data of individuals in India, regardless of their location or size.

Question: What type of data does the DPDP protect?

Answer: Personal data, defined as "data of an individual which relates to and is capable of identifying such individual directly or indirectly, including financial data, physical, physiological and mental health information, educational and employment information, genetic data, religious or political beliefs, caste, face templates, and voice samples.

Question: How can I ensure my consent forms are compliant with the DPDP?

Answer: The consent must be freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous. Individuals must be able to withdraw their consent easily.

Question: Are there any exceptions allowed for employment related data collection, etc.?

Answer: Yes. The DPDP enumerates certain “legitimate uses” under which data can be processed without the express consent of an individual. One such legitimate use is employment-related data collection.

Question: Am I allowed to transfer data outside of India?

Answer: Yes, the DPDP act allows the transfer of data outside the territorial bounds of India. However, under the Act, the Government reserves the right to restrict cross-border transfers to countries that they may notify from time to time (a “Blacklist” mechanism).

Question: What do I need to do if I experience a data breach?

Answer: Notify affected individuals and the Data Protection Authority within 72 hours. Investigate the breach and take steps to mitigate the damage. Maintain documentation of the breach and your response.

Question: What are the penalties for non-compliance with the PDPA?

Answer: Fines of up to INR 250 crore (approx. USD 30 million) for serious offences. Potential legal action and reputational damage.

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